Advanced Material for Multi-Spectral Energy Management

Circuitex technology is a portfolio of highly conductive, lightweight textiles engineered for multi-spectral energy management. Circuitex can move electrical energy and data through soft surface materials without the assistance of wires. Circuitex also uses its conductive electrical energy construction to shield energy. A portfolio product for energy transfer, protection, and security.

Please download our detailed Circuitex sell sheets here: Circuitex Conductive Shielding Materials and Circuitex Conductive Energy Materials.

Circuitex Conductive Energy Material is soft, lightweight, and flexible making it easy and comfortable to integrate detection, monitoring, and/or transmission of data into products, garments, and accessories. In medical applications, Circuitex yarns can be knit or woven into smart diagnostic garments and used to sense and transmit electrophysiological signals to a healthcare professional or data analysis app. In consumer apparel, Circuitex can be used for collecting data, delivering stimulus, storing energy, or controlling temperature, among other things. In biometric monitoring, Circuitex materials can detect and transmit information about sleeping patterns and weight distribution or can alert healthcare professionals about hot spots on patients who are confined to a bed or wheelchair. In electronic applications, soft, foldable Circuitex can replace metal wire to transmit data or conduct energy. The applications are endless.

Highest Quality Conductivity

Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. In fact, silver defines conductivity and all other metals are compared against it. On a scale of 0 to 100, with silver representing 100, copper measures at 97 and gold at 76. Because 100% of the Circuitex surface area is permanently coated in silver, Circuitex conductivity performance is second to none. What’s more, every millimetre of yarn is inspected by Noble Biomaterials to ensure the highest quality continuous conductivity.

How Circuitex Is Made

  1. 99.9% pure silver is permanently bonded to the surface of a non-conductive polymer, such as nylon.
  2. The pure silver covers a 100% surface area of the fiber, which then creates a highly conductive and uniform product – the Circuitex yarn. The silver coating does not change the flexibility or durability of the polymer.
  3. Various grades of Circuitex are used in a fabric in order to customize the desired conductive end use.

Circuitex for Remote Medical Monitoring Wearables

Circuitex enables signal sensing and signal transmission to external processing devices when integrated into soft surface wearable technology.In medical applications, Circuitex yarns can be knit or woven into garments and used to sense and transmit electrophysiological signals such as electroencephalogram (EEG), electrocardiogram (ECG), and polysomnography (PSG).

In cases where stimulation is needed for the patient, the conductive fabrics can deliver electrical stimulation through a network of Circuitex materials.

Circuitex for Consumer Wearable and Smart Garments

Circuitex technology facilitates the integration of electronics into wearable garments and accessories in a manner that is virtually undetectable to the person wearing the garment. Circuitex enables signal sensing and transmission to external processing devices, further empowering “The Internet of Things” by connecting wearable technologies to larger technical infrastructure.

Utilizing the unparalleled conductivity of silver, Circuitex allows designers to create smart wearables without uncomfortable hard materials. Sensors made from Circuitex technology play a key role in the quest to design an advanced product that provides the technological benefits without all the visible hardware.Some uses in consumer applications are:


Highly conductive and flexible to conform to a body’s shape, Circuitex can be incorporated into and throughout the clothing itself to detect and monitor human physiological signals for fitness applications. A flexible substrate, Circuitex technology helps make garments smarter and more comfortable, while providing the critical information to understand how a body is performing. The silver yarns move the data – whether its heart rate variability, breathing rate, activity intensity, or force of impact– to a device that collects that data and sends it elsewhere, such as to a smartphone.

In cases where you want to deliver electrical stimulation to muscles for training or rehabilitation, Circuitex conductive yarn can be knit into a garment to deliver mild pulses of electrical current to innervate muscles beneath the skin.

Heated Fabrics

Silver is the most thermally conductive element on Earth. By incorporating Circuitex yarns into apparel and accessories and providing a low voltage source, you have a way to deliver warmth to garments or accessories that is not detectable by or distracting to the user.

Personal Electronics

The highly conductive properties and soft, flexible nature of Circuitex yarns allow integration into personal electronics products when conventional materials simply won’t work.

Circuitex for Body Mapping and Pressure Sensing

Circuitex can be used in beds, mats, or seats to map pressure points. With 100% surface area coverage and uniform conductivity, Circuitex utilizes permanently bound silver to enable signal sensing and signal transmission to external processing devices when integrated into soft surface technology. In biometric monitoring, Circuitex materials can detect and transmit information about sleeping movement patterns and weight distribution to optimize sleep in mattress systems or can alert healthcare professionals about hot spots on patients who are confined to a bed or wheelchair.

Circuitex for Electronics

Nothing transmits an electrical signal better than silver. Circuitex provides highly conductive properties while maintaining the soft and flexible nature of fabrics, instead of using hard plastics or polymers. Circuitex conductive yarns and fabrics can replace traditional metal wire technology for electrical applications. Circuitex is lightweight, washable, durable, flexible, and stretchable.

Flexible Circuitry

Fabrics made with Circuitex can be easily terminated with common connectors and electrodes, making it ideal for power and data circuits and other high-tech applications.

Antenna Systems

Noble Biomaterials manufactures conductive products that are lightweight and maintain a textile hand. These can easily be integrated into garments, tents or temporary buildings as a fully concealed, malleable antenna system.

Antennas can be embroidered in any desired configuration and can easily be terminated with common connectors and electrodes. This smart textile application is washable, durable, flexible and stretchable, making it ideal for challenging, high-tech applications where a compromise of reception performance would represent an unacceptable risk.

Energy Scavenging and Energy Storage

As innovation continues to reduce the power needed to drive wearable electronics, scavenging energy from simple body movements, body heat, or even solar radiation becomes an adequate power source to drive the wearable electronics and replace current battery technology.

Noble Biomaterials Circuitex products can be used to create textile-like, flexible energy scavenging networks, flexible conductive paths within these networks, as well as rechargeable energy storage devices that are able to maintain function of the wearable electronics when power scavenging is not possible (sleep).

Circuitex Conductive Shielding Material is soft, lightweight, and flexible material that can be delivered in many forms. Circuitex material solves for electromagnetic waves that can travel through air and solid materials and is specifically engineered to protect and secure areas from dangerous or malicious energy waves. This portfolio of products is ideal for large data warehousing and communication centers, stealth production areas, as well as small transfer boxes like 5G networking systems.

EMI and RFI Signal Blocking Technology

Noble Biomaterials offers fabric, filament, and fiber solutions for lightweight, flexible, and durable shielding to protect data transmission networks and electronics from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference or interception. It is effective in the visible light, infrared, and radar portions of the EM spectrum. Shielding performance can be customized to meet customer requirements by use of different fabric constructions and coatings.

Noble’s materials are easy to integrate, can be processed on standard textile manufacturing equipment, perform to exacting specifications, and can be utilized in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

  • Vehicle and HVAC control systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Infrastructure, power, and communications
  • Radio frequency interference for electronics such as displays, computers, cell phones,
  • tablets, GPS devices, drones, etc.
  • Electromagnetic interference shielding for cable assemblies

Noble Biomaterials Shielding Provides Unmatched Consistency and Performance In:

  • Shielding effectiveness across a broad range of frequencies (30-90+ dB reductions)
  • Surface resistivity from 1.0 x 109 to 5.0 x 10-3 Ω□
  • Static dissipation between 1.0 x 105 and 1.0 X 109 Ω/□
  • Z-axis electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Durability and flexibility

Fabric Metallization Technology

Noble Biomaterials uses proprietary technology to permanently bond pure silver to the surface of a polymer substrate, including yarn, fiber, fabric, tape, and foam. These materials can be blended with natural or man-made fibers for superior design flexibility. Special formulations can protect against galvanic reactions and oxidization. The result is a highly conductive, durable, lightweight, flexible, washable material with 360-degree permanent encapsulation coating. Noble Biomaterials provides industry-leading performance, quality control, and durability.

Environment and Applications

Noble Biomaterials’ self-stick products are designed to secure an existing room, building, or portable enclosure efficiently and not significantly disrupt operations during installation. Materials are easy to use and manageable, allowing reduced downtime and manpower, while providing reliable performance. In typical shielding installations, the installers have difficult materials to work with and the process requires a great deal of time, rendering the space useless while it’s being worked in. With Noble self-stick shielding products, an installer can literally apply the shielding while the space is in use.

The system is designed to be applied to a wide variety of surfaces including unfinished dry wall, cinder block, concrete, plastic, painted or finished walls, painted and unpainted metal, and even low energy composite structures and cases. The system can also be encapsulated between layers of dry wall, plywood, or other construction material to avoid potential damage, provide additional protection from the elements, or to make it undetectable from parties that may enter the secured area. Because the adhesive can also be conductive, sending metal screws through the material will not create leaks. The adhesives have been tested for their ability to adhere to virtually any surface found in temporary or permanent structures.

Noble Biomaterials EMI/RFI self-stick shielding products can also be used to improve the performance of storage containers and other deployable assets. Because the materials are fabric-based, they have a natural ability to move with the structure and will not crack, split, or suffer from many of the same problems that more traditional architectural shielding products face when used in portable or deployable structures.

Installs Fast With Minimal Effort

Specifically designed for implementation in environments where time and manpower are at a minimum, CIRCUITEX can be installed quickly and easily by anyone.

  • No soldering or other complicated seaming
  • Very little to no down time needed for installation
  • Install in finished spaces or during construction
  • Produced in convenient rolls of various widths

Customisation Options Are Virtually Unlimited

Noble acts as an end-to-end partner by integrating its technology materials and providing development consulting, ideation, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance tailored to your application. Noble customizes specifications to deliver pliability, tenacity, elongation, and strength per the customer.