Noble Dfense


For decades, Noble has brought antimicrobial technology to the warfighter ensemble to improve health and performance. Noble’s technologies effectively fight microbes, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, in any textile material. Adding Noble Shielding Technology to the military has provided added mission-critical signature management and electromagnetic spectrum shielding keeping adversaries at a disadvantage.

Conductive Shielding Solutions for a Low Observable Strategic Advantage

Noble Biomaterials provides superior conductive fabric solutions for warfighter uniforms, equipment, aircraft, ships, submarines, vehicles, missiles, and satellites that need to be less visible to radar, infrared, sonar and other detection methods. Low observable technology materials made by Noble Biomaterials are used by leaders in military and aerospace, including US and Allied Special Forces, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, and NASA.

Extensive Portfolio Of Protection

EMI, RFI, and IR spectrum concealment fabrics and soft surface materials from Noble Biomaterials are effective solutions for lightweight, flexible, and portable multi-spectral shielding applications where failure is not an option. These fabrics and materials are effective in the visible light, infrared, and radar portions of the EM spectrum.

Uses include:

EMI/RFI PSA Shielding

Whether you’re shielding a room for secrecy, testing equipment, or segregating data, EMI/RFI self-stick shielding technology from Noble Biomaterials offer simple, fast, and flexible solutions when reliable conductive materials are required. Designed for implementation in environments where time and manpower are at a minimum, but security and reliability are paramount.

Benefits of Noble Biomaterials EMI/RFI Self-Stick Wallpaper Shielding

  • Can be used in any space that needs to be secured, from an airplane hangar to a closet or a transportation case.
  • More effective than films and foils, with significantly reduced installation time and lower cost.
  • Very little to no down time needed in the space for installation.
  • Simple installation with no soldering or other complicated seaming; one to two people can complete a room.
  • Products are textile based for weight saving, flexibility, and durability.
  • Can be assembled to meet your specific program requirements.
  • Available in several configurations for various performance specifications
  • Made in the USA.

Environment and Applications

Noble Biomaterials’ self-stick products are designed to secure an existing room, building, or portable enclosure efficiently and not significantly disrupt operations during installation. Materials are easy to use and manageable, allowing reduced downtime and manpower, while providing reliable performance. In typical shielding installations, the installers have difficult materials to work with and the process requires a great deal of time, rendering the space useless while it’s being worked in. With Noble self-stick shielding products, an installer can literally apply the shielding while the space is in use.

The system is designed to be applied to a wide variety of surfaces including unfinished dry wall, cinder block, concrete, plastic, painted or finished walls, painted and unpainted metal, and even low energy composite structures and cases. The system can also be encapsulated between layers of dry wall, plywood, or other construction material to avoid potential damage, provide additional protection from the elements, or to make it undetectable from parties that may enter the secured area. Because the adhesive can also be conductive, sending metal screws through the material will not create leaks. The adhesives have been tested for their ability to adhere to virtually any surface found in temporary or permanent structures.

Noble Biomaterials EMI/RFI self-stick shielding products can also be used to improve the performance of storage containers and other deployable assets. Because the materials are fabric-based, they have a natural ability to move with the structure and will not crack, split, or suffer from many of the same problems that more traditional architectural shielding products face when used in portable or deployable structures.

Production Capabilities

Noble Biomaterials is already a trusted supplier of mission-critical products in shielding, conductivity, dissipation, and antimicrobial applications. Noble’s advanced material technologies are used by US and allied militaries, and government organizations, and the top global aerospace companies in the world.

Noble Biomaterials EMI/RFI self-stick shielding products are all manufactured and assembled in our US facility with the highest level of quality control. The Fabrics and Adhesives are all stocked and available for immediate shipment. The materials are sold in roll form and can be cut to various widths to allow for ease of installation.

Download the Noble EMI/RFI Self-Stick Wallpaper Shielding brochure here.

Multi-Spectral Fabric for IR Signature Reduction

Noble Biomaterials’ multi-spectral shielding materials can improve performance, decrease noise detection, reduce weight, improve comfort, and increase portability for tactical operations. These materials provide unmatched consistency and performance in shielding effectiveness, decibel reduction, Z-axis electrical and thermal conductivity, and softness and flexibility.

Noble Biomaterials’ multi-spectral shielding materials:

  • Increase thermal diffusion and reduce thermal signature so the user can assimilate in any terrain
  • Provide static & dynamic thermal concealment
  • Offer protection in the complete thermal range of 3000-5,000nm (MWIR) and 8800-12000nm (LWIR)
  • Easily integrated on standard textile manufacturing equipment