Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Solutions

X-STATIC® antimicrobial technology has been rebranded Ionic+™. Click here to see more about Ionic+ for healthcare, fabric hygiene, and odor control.

X-STATIC Electrostatic Discharge Solutions

For decades, Noble Biomaterials has been developing innovative static control solutions for industrial and transportation markets. X-STATIC pure silver multi-filament profiles provides instantaneous static reduction that not only protects the individual, but mission-critical electrical equipment as well.

Noble is the only static-control yarn in the industry that uses 99.9% pure silver permanently bonded to nylon. Because silver is the most conductive element, electrical charges normally created by two non-conductive materials rubbing together are instantly dissipated by X-Static yarns and fabrics.

You can trust X-STATIC to deliver safe,reliable, cost effective protection for electronics, transport bags, gloves, work wear, footwear, flooring, and more.

99.9% pure silver covalent bonded to nylon

X-STATIC Filament

X-STATIC filament yarns are continuous filaments, available in monofilament or multifilament. We offer a wide range of deniers to meet our customer’s needs and can also customize to customer specifications.

X-STATIC Staple & Chopped Fiber

X-STATIC staple can be blended with natural and man-made fibers such as cotton, wool, polyester, acrylic, etc. Spun yarn can be engineered to provide optimum benefit based on the application. Noble can customize and combine X-STATIC with natural and man-made fibers to meet customer specifications.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Solutions

X-STATIC is a high-quality, innovative alternative to using temporary coatings or buying finished fabrics for FIBC bags. X-STATIC yarns and threads are inherently anti-static and conductive as a result of permanently bonding pure silver to nylon. For companies that manufacture type C&D FIBC bags, using X-STATIC technology can help cut production costs without sacrificing quality. In fact, we may even help you push quality to new highs. Using X-STATIC is excellent way to control cost while creating fully customized solutions for your specific handling, filling, and discharge needs. Some FIBC fabric manufacturers tie you down with contracts, minimum order quantities, and royalties. Some fabrics come in set lengths, which means waste may be high. You can avoid all of that by using X-STATIC. What’s more, X-STATIC materials for FIBC Type C and D bags help you meet International Electrotechnical Commission standards.



Noble Biomaterials provide proprietary type “D” yarns for the FIBC marketplace. Only X-STATIC® type “D” yarns utilize a specially formulated blend of high-performance fibers including the industry’s only nylon core fiber with surfaces permanently bonded with 99.9% pure silver that provides the following benefits:

  • Requires no anti-static coating
  • Offers increased design flexibility
  • Can be used during the bag manufacturing


X-STATIC provides a complete natural systems-based benefit platform for safety for protection in:

  • The body of the fabrics of the FIBC bag
  • The seam tape sewing thread
  • Lifting and grounding straps

X-STATIC is available in a variety of deniers and package sizes, and its electrical properties and physical makeup can be customized by Noble Biomaterials to meet your specific FIBC manufacturing needs. If safety from electrostatic charges is your primary concern, trust X-STATIC to deliver safe, reliable, cost effective protection.

ESD Garments and Footwear

Antistatic garments, gloves, and footwear can prevent harmful static charges that can damage electrical components or ignite fires and/or explosions when working with flammable liquids and gases.

X-STATIC is a permanent solution that can meet the established international ESD standards.

Protection of Electronics

X-STATIC used in antistatic bags can protect electronic components from damage caused by electrostatic discharge.