Performance Apparel

Noble Biomaterials markets its portfolio of X-STATIC® products to the performance apparel industry. X-STATIC® has been chosen by some of the most-recognized performance apparel companies in the world, including lululemon athletica, Giro and Fox River.

X-STATIC® provides permanent anti-odor capabilities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on the surface of fabrics that cause odors-eliminating odor before it starts. This leaves apparel smelling fresher for longer, even when worn multiple times between washings.

Anti-odor functionality is growing in importance. Odor elimination is cited by the majority of people as a top desired benefit of high-quality performance apparel.

In addition to its odor management technology Noble has tested garments made with X-STATIC® under rigorous conditions and has observed virtually no degradation in performance over the life of the garment.


Noble Biomaterials has been selected by several branches of the United States military to provide products powered by X-STATIC® for use in standard-issue military apparel and gear. Several of the military’s top contractors license the technology for use in their own products.

X-STATIC® was chosen for its anti-odor properties as well as its durability under rigorous conditions. It is highly effective at preventing the growth bacteria on the surface of fabrics in high risk environments, such as those experienced by military personnel.


Manufacturers of healthcare apparel and textiles incorporate X-STATIC® into soft surfaces such as scrubs, privacy curtains, lab coats, patient apparel and bed linens to inhibit the growth of bacteria on its surface. These fabrics surround healthcare staff, patients and families when in the hospital environment so it has become an important part of the discussion.

Products powered by X-STATIC® are a permanent, proven solution for healthcare fabrics. Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), are the fourth leading cause of death in the US and a primary global public health issue. We support the belief that cleaner hospitals are safer hospitals, protecting soft surfaces should be considered equally as important as hard surfaces. Our brand partners are making great strides in providing solutions.

X-STATIC® for Healthcare

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