Soft Surface Protection

X-STATIC® is used in the healthcare market to provide clinical-quality antimicrobial performance. Manufacturers of advanced wound care products incorporate X-STATIC® into various medical devices including: advanced wound care treatments, dressings, medical socks and orthopedic soft goods. Noble Biomaterials holds a number of FDA 510(k) clearances for its own line of advanced wound and burn care products, marketed under the SilverSeal® brand.

Manufacturers of healthcare apparel and textiles also incorporate X-STATIC® into soft surfaces, such as privacy curtains, scrubs, lab coats, patient apparel, and bedding to prevent the growth and cross-contamination of bacteria on the surface of fabrics. X-STATIC® protects the fabrics surrounding patients and staff in the healthcare environment.
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X-STATIC® provides permanent anti-odor capabilities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on garments that cause odors. By inhibiting growth of bacteria and fungi on the surface of fabrics, X-STATIC® keeps apparel odor free, even after multiple wear cycles between washings. Noble Biomaterials has tested products powered by X-STATIC® under rigorous, real-world conditions and is proven to last the life of the product.
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XT2® utilizes the power of silver to provide permanent odor management by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on fabrics that consume sweat and cause odors. In doing so, XT2® keeps apparel stink free – all day, every day, when you need it most. XT2® is completely dyeable providing the freedom to include it in product where color is an important driver – opening the door to endless design opportunities.
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Circuitex™ fabric is highly effective at conducting electricity, dissipating static and providing EMI shielding in applications where data transmission networks and electronics require protection from interference or interception. Circuitex™ fabric is lightweight, flexible, easy to install and performs to exacting specifications in the most demanding applications.

Circuitex™ technology also enables the integration of electronics into wearable garments and accessories in a format that is virtually invisible to the end user. Circuitex™ enables signal sensing and signal transmission to external processing devices when integrated into soft surface wearable technology.

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Noble Biomaterials is a bluesign® system partner.

Noble Biomaterials Products are OEKO-TEX® certified.

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