A history of adaptation and innovation.

The story of Noble Biomaterials, Inc. begins at a turn-of-the-century textile mill in New York named Sauquoit. Originally a cotton spinning mill, the company eventually moved operations to Scranton, PA in 1873. There, Sauquoit functioned as a silk spinning facility and experienced rapid growth to become one of the country’s largest silk weavers.

Operations continued for an entire century until the early 1900’s when the advent of man-made fibers, rayon and acetate brought a new market direction. Sauquoit adapted quickly to become a leader in processing filament yarns. The company was an early entrant into the textured yarn business going on to produce a new fiber called “Nylon®” under license of DuPont® industries.

A key turning point came in 1997, as the company was sold and Noble Fiber Technologies was founded. During that time conductive fiber technology utilizing silver was created for use in industrial markets. This novel manufacturing process led to the invention of a new technology that would eventually be branded X-STATIC®. This innovative new technology was immediately explored for applications in anti-static carpeting, and in doing so, Noble Fiber Technologies began its next evolution “from silk to technology.”

At the turn of the millennium X-STATIC® began to enjoy broader recognition in the marketplace being on Backpacker Magazine’s prestigious ‘Best New Product List’. Beginning with the 2002 Summer Olympics and 2004 Winter Olympics, athletes’ uniforms began to incorporate X-STATIC® technology. Since then hundreds of Olympians have utilized products powered by X-STATIC® as they have reached for the gold.

Meanwhile, products using X-STATIC® became standard military issue for troops serving in 2003’s Operation Iraqi Freedom and remain in use by several military branches today. During the same year, ETHICON®, Inc – a Johnson & Johnson® company, launched its advanced wound care dressing SilverCel™ powered by X-STATIC®.

Noble followed up shortly thereafter with SilverSeal®, its own platform of burn and advanced wound care products. Holding multiple 510k FDA approvals, SilverSeal® is utilized for the local management of partial thickness burns, incisions, skin grafts, donor sites, lacerations, abrasions, and Stage I-IV dermal ulcers (vascular, venous, pressure and diabetic).

Even as the company’s products were gaining ground in the athletic, medical and military sectors, Noble Biomaterials continued to break ground in emerging categories. With the launch of CIRCUITEX™, the company began to offer unique solutions for conductivity and biometric monitoring allowing people to better collect information on how their bodies are performing.

The story of Noble Biomaterials is one that explores an amazing journey from textiles to technology – blending legacy textile knowledge with new, highly advanced scientific techniques and manufacturing practices. The endless innovations are produced by a skilled team with a laser focus on removing barriers for people so they can enjoy a more prosperous and happier life.

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Noble Biomaterials Products are OEKO-TEX® certified.

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