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What is XT2®?

XT2® provides permanent anti-odor capabilities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on garments that cause odors. XT2® technology eliminates bacteria and fungi, keeping apparel smelling fresher for longer – all day, every day – so you can play more and stink less.

XT2® incorporates silver in a synthetic fiber during the co-extrusion process, providing permanent anti-odor protection. It is not a nanotechnology, complex chemical formula, finish or treatment – just natural silver that does not wash off or wear out. XT2® fibers and fabrics remain soft and flexible for maximum comfort.

Also, XT2® is dyeable, durable and easy to integrate into any textile fabric or manufacturing process – opening the door to endless design opportunities.

How Does XT2® Work?

While sweat is odorless, naturally occurring bacteria on your garment consume the sweat. This process is what causes the odor. The moisture in the sweat combined with air causes the silver in XT2® to oxidize. This process releases a positively charged ion from the XT2® fiber. The positively charged silver ions are attracted to the negatively charged bacteria. The positively charged ions enter the cell membrane attacking the bacteria’s DNA. Ultimately, the silver ions drastically inhibit the bacteria on the garment by preventing mutation and reproduction.

What is Noble Biomaterials?

Noble Biomaterials, Inc. is a global leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications. Noble produces silver-based advanced material technologies designed for mission critical applications in the Soft Surface Protection, performance apparel, industrial and emerging wearable technology markets.

What places Noble Biomaterials ahead of other textile technology companies?

We have an intense focus on the consumer and the goal of surpassing expectations. We make technologies that help people achieve their potential in the areas of odor management, infection control and biometric monitoring including wearables, smart garments.

What technologies are produced Noble Biomaterials?

X-STATIC® – eliminates human based odor for the life of the garment X-STATIC® PERFORMANCE TEXTILES
and inhibits and prevents bacteria that cause infection and prevent healing. X-STATIC® SOFT SURFACE PROTECTION

XT2® – crushes odor for the life of the garment. XT2

CIRCUITEX™ – enables electronics integration and protection in the products people wear and the way they already wear them. CIRCUITEX™

Why trust in products powered by Noble Biomaterials technology?

Our technology is not only validated in the lab, but it is proven for effectiveness in the real life situations. Human-based feedback is the ultimate test, and our products have been Proven to Extremes by:

  • Military – U.S. Armed Forces
  • Healthcare – Ethicon, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson
  • Performance Apparel – lululemon athletica, inc.
  • Conductivity – Adidas and Garmin
How will partnering with Noble Biomaterials strengthen your brand?

Noble Biomaterials incorporates a strong global technical team designed to support the entire supply chain of our customers and their brands. We are focused on the relentless pursuit of satisfying brand promises at the point of consumer use and we realize the integrity behind using consumer behaviors to validate designs and applications.

Are Noble Biomaterials’ technologies safe for the environment?

Our environmental awareness and related commitment to pursuing sustainable paths for our technologies, facilities, and operations is grounded firmly in our core values. We have embraced fundamental aspects of environmental sustainability and have worked hard to ensure we meet and exceed the requirements of environmental and regulatory agencies.

  • bluesign® System Partner
  • OKEO-TEX® Certification
*EPA Regulated products containing X-STATIC® and XT2® solely protect the finished product itself from microbial growth. Any public health claims related to X-STATIC® products are expressly limited to products regulated by the FDA.



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