Targeting zero HAIs

Infection preventionists agree that cleaner hospitals are safer hospitals. But while hand washing and disinfecting hard surfaces like countertops, floors, bed rails and instruments have helped reduce infection rates, more work is needed. These procedures rely on proper training, diligent behavior and compliance, all of which are difficult to administer. What’s more, hands and hard surfaces are quickly and easily re-contaminated.

Today’s infection prevention policies largely ignore a prevalent component of the healthcare environment – soft surfaces.

What is missing today? – Soft Surface bacterial management

Lack of guidelines for soft surface fabrics have created a “gap” in practice where these high-touch surfaces are overlooked.


Consideration of the role of healthcare fabrics is critical.

A complete Infection Prevention strategy incorporates soft surface management. And effective soft surface management begins with engineering controls, such as healtcare fabrics powered by X-STATIC® Antimicrobial Technology, the leader in solutions for scrubs, lab coats, privacy curtains, bed linens and patient apparel. X-STATIC® inhibits the growth of 99.9% of bacteria directly on the surface of the fabrics for the life of the product.

Implementation of engineering controls

The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) mandates the use of engineering controls; primary products or technologies used to mitigate risk away from the employee. These can include anything from the design of a facility to the use of antimicrobial fabrics in protective clothing or uniforms. As we now know, when facing contamination risk of soft surface fabrics, proper laundering practices cannot be the only line of defense for patients and healthcare workers because re-contamination is proven to occur quickly, minimizing the overall effectiveness of other infection prevention measures.


Summary of select key clinical studies

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