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Arc-Com Fabrics, Inc. is a leading textile and wall covering supplier. The Arc-Com Design Team creates, develops and introduces innovative and high performance textile products for the corporate, hospitality, healthcare and institutional markets. Privacy curtains powered by X-STATIC® have been tested in accordance with ASTM E2149 and after 200 commercial launderings, there was virtually no reduction in performance. They are fast-acting and permanent.



For nearly a century, Encompass has been helping health care and hospitality organizations create safe, comfortable environments for patients, staff, residents and guests. The Encompass META® Performance RX lab coat powered by X-STATIC® Antimicrobial Technology offers permanent performance. The lab coat also delivers superior comfort by regulating temperature and eliminating odors. You will know your lab coat is protected for its usable life because you can actually see the silver!



CORE 61® critical care apparel is powered by X-STATIC® Antimicrobial Technology and specifically designed to provide patients and healthcare employees with an effective way to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of their uniforms. CORE 61® apparel is re-useable, technologically advanced, lightweight and comfortable. It is the ultimate performance fabric solution, uniquely suited to meet the needs of today’s healthcare market.



NMI Health is leading the way with medical innovations by providing soft surface solutions for the healthcare and hospitality industries as well as for the home. Powered by X-STATIC® Antimicrobial Technology, SilverCare Plus® delivers one of the most extensive lines of soft surface hospital products on the market today. The NMI suite of performance fabrics include: scrub and lab coat apparel, patient gowns, linens, blankets and cubicle curtains.

From neonatal fabrics to the bedding in your home, NMI Health is committed to delivering the very best soft surface solutions to their customers.



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Toray Textiles Europe Limited are a manufacturer of woven polyester and nylon fabrics based in the UK. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Toray Industries Inc., the world leader in synthetic fibers and textile manufacture, who bring Japanese production technology to a European production base.

With yarn production and preparation, weaving, dyeing and finishing facilities all on one site, they are uniquely able to design, develop and manufacture the textile to meet their customer needs.  Their aim is to fulfill customers’ requirements through the innovation of their textile design and development: the quality of their textile production and the excellence of their customer service.

So whatever your textile requirement you can be confident that TTEL can deliver the solution.




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At Juzo, we put all our experience and passion into developing medical aids that accompany patients from the beginning to the end of their treatment. Our compression garments, supports and orthoses are manufactured using state of the art technologies and offer patients a tailored solution to their specific needs.



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Founded in 2011, Silver Medtex is a leading company in the medical sector, antibacterial and antibacterial products in Turkey.



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Alexandra is a leading international provider of workwear, corporate clothing and uniforms to a wide range of business sectors. With over 160 years of experience, they are able to offer a unique design and manufacturing capability as a head-to-toe solution – with over 20,000 fully stocked catalogue lines.



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Dickies – the preferred choice for workers worldwide. As the working day takes its toll, Dickies workwear will continue to provide excellent comfort and protection. With over 90 years’ experience in workwear manufacturing, generations of workers have found Dickies to be a brand they can trust.

From oil fields around the world to major construction sites Dickies workwear has been tested to the limit, gaining a reputation for quality and performance.  Utilizing the best of both modern and traditional construction techniques the Dickies range is made to last. Whilst numerous design features ensure the garments are practical and afford exceptional comfort.



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The Karl Dieckhoff GmbH & Co. KG produces, distributes and supports innovative textile systems for all applications in the commercial sector. Hospitals, nursing homes and laundries use Dieckhoff to equip completely equip themselves in a cost-effective manner.  Hotels, rehabilitation and aftercare clinics are also among the satisfied Dieckhoff partners.



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Materialised is a commercial textile supplier delivering beautiful and functional performance fabrics and acoustic solutions in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.

All our fabrics are specifically designed for high demand environments and possess characteristics inherently suited to the healthcare, hospitality and ages care industries.

Our specialization in dye sublimation printing allows us to offer custom design solutions without compromising on quality or performance.

A socially responsible company, we are committed to making a difference in our community and our industry. This dedication is evidenced by our support of local charities, our green policy and training program ‘Fabrics for the Real World’, which is highly regarded by universities and design schools.


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