X-STATIC®antimicrobial technology recently sponsored a report from Infection Control Today titled, “Soft Surface Contamination in the Patient-Care Environment and Antimicrobial Textiles.”  The report discusses how healthcare laundered fabrics such as privacy curtains, uniforms and lab costs play an important role in the transmission of bacteria in the patient environment.

It presents robust clinical data confirming these surfaces harbor pathogenic bacteria and these bacteria can be transmitted to healthcare worker hands. Because of the infrequent laundering practices (see our blog post on uniform laundering habits) these surfaces post a potential risk in contributing to the spread of infection. In light of this, author Kelly Pyrek states “the use of antimicrobial textiles could be one more useful tool in the arsenal against HAIs.”

Kelly Reynolds, MSPH, PhD, associate professor in the CommunityEnvironment and Policy Division at the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, University of Arizona is also quoted in the report saying,“While their risk impact has not been quantitatively evaluated, I believe they [textiles] are as important in infection control as any other surfaces vulnerable to contamination.”

The clinical evidence and expert opinions confirm that fabrics in healthcare should be incorporated into an overall infection prevention program. X-STATIC® technology provides permanent and continuous antimicrobial protection on the surface of the fabrics that surround you and your patients.

To learn more, download the report and our other educational resources on Infection Control Today http://www.infectioncontroltoday.com/reports/2013/08/antimicrobial-textiles.aspx.