X-STATIC® antimicrobial technology and Encompass Group hosted an educational dinner symposium on “Infection Prevention Textiles: The New Language in Healthcare” atthe 39th annual APIC Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  There was a tremendous showing of people and we’d like to thank everyone who attended. The number of people demonstrates how soft surface bacterial management is a timely and important topic in infection prevention.

Our guest speaker, Peggy Prinz Luebbert, Infection Control Expert and Founder of Healthcare Interventions, Inc., lead the symposium through a review of clinical data on contamination of soft surfaces, current guidelines and regulations and provided an overview of solutions available, including X-STATIC® antimicrobial technology.

Soft surface textiles (privacy curtains, lab coats, scrubs, linens) constitute 90 percent of the patient environment and have been proven to contain and transmit pathogenic bacteria. X-STATIC® antimicrobial technology is clinically-proven to eliminate 99.9 percent of bacteria directly on the surface of the fabric and offers continuous and permanent protection. To learn more, visit our X-STATIC website, “Like” X-STATIC on Facebook or follow X-STATIC on Twitter.