In this month’s issue of Healthcare Purchasing News Peggy Prinz Luebbert discusses the importance of incorporating soft surfaces into an overall infection prevention protocol. The article outlines the problem with ignoring these in everyday infection prevention practice. Luebbert states: “Physician white coats and ties, nurse uniforms and scrubs have been shown to be colonized with pathogenic organisms. As such, they are a potential source of cross contamination.” She goes on to say, “Overlooking soft surfaces creates additional potential for re-contamination of already washed hands before patient contact.”

Current laundering practice is also discussed. While it is recognized as essential to launder soft surface fabrics in healthcare, there are things that can hinder its effectiveness as a complete solution. For instance, the article states that “even when proper procedures are followed, clinical evidence shows that fabrics are quickly re-contaminated after being put back in use.”

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