Noble Biomaterials develops and integrates advanced technologies into textile materials to eliminate the barriers that obstruct the realization of human potential.  It partners with the world’s most innovative companies to develop products that enable new and valuable performance benefits in a wide range of applications including:

Performance Apparel

By removing the distraction of odor, we allow professional and everyday athletes to remain focused on achieving their goals.


By enabling electronics integration into products that people wear, we help to usher in a new era of intelligent apparel.


By inhibiting the presence of bacteria on healthcare fabrics found in the hospital environment, we help to create cleaner, safer medical environments.*


By shielding electromagnetic interference in electronics and dissipating static electricity we help make equipment perform better and enable people to be safer.

Our customers rely on Noble to develop solutions that are so innovative and unique, it creates entirely new categories and meets needs that end-users don’t even know they have yet.

*EPA regulated products containing X-STATIC® solely protect the finished product itself from microbial growth and odor. Any public health claims related to X-STATIC® products are expressly limited to products regulated by the FDA and do not apply to products regulated by the EPA.

Noble Biomaterials is a bluesign® system partner.

Noble Biomaterials Products are OEKO-TEX® certified.

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