At normal human scale, silver is insoluble in water and is non-reactive; however, at the molecular level, in the presence of moisture, silver can become available as silver ions (Ag+) and act as a powerful antimicrobial active ingredient. These silver ions are released and are attracted to and penetrate the cellular walls of nearby microorganisms disabling various biological processes and effectively inhibiting microbial viability.

When integrated into fibers and fabrics through advanced manufacturing processes, silver can provide effective efficacy and a permanent solution. For performance apparel, this serves to eliminate unwanted odors and impact the long-term performance of these apparel products. In advanced wound care applications, silver can help prepare the wound for closure by managing the microbial contamination at the surface. Silver is highly conductive, this makes it ideal for use in the rapidly-growing wearable technologies industry. In such applications, the silver fiber and fabric facilitates signal transmission from the body to the garment while dissipating static and protecting signal integrity in the process.

Across all of these applications, Noble’s advanced manufacturing processes ensure high-quality silver integration without compromising the flexibility, durability, softness or comfort of the material itself. As a result, leading manufacturers worldwide are choosing Noble Biomaterials as a partner in bringing true differentiation to their products.

Noble Biomaterials is a bluesign® system partner.

Noble Biomaterials Products are OEKO-TEX® certified.

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