“Spanish outdoor companies are extremely interested in XT2®”

Sergio Morales

Manager of the Noble Biomaterials Sports and Outdoor Sales Division in Europe, Noble Biomaterials

Interview with diffusion SPORT

Interview with Sergio Morales, Manager of the Noble Biomaterials Sports and Outdoor Sales Division in Europe


Just over a year ago, Sergio Morales started on a new career path. With many years of experience working in the technical fabric industry, this native of Aragon, Spain, joined Noble Biomaterials to lead the Sports and Outdoor Sales Division in Europe. At the stand at Ispo Munich, where the company was promoting its XT2®, X-STATIC® and Circuitex™ technologies, Mr. Morales gave us a round-up of his first twelve months spent working with this new responsibility.


Are you satisfied with your first year at Noble Biomaterials?

It has been a very satisfactory year, there’s no doubt about that; taking on a new challenge and having the opportunity to take part in highly positive developments at the company, which is on the way up, showing growth of over 20% in recent years. And added to this is the fact that Europe is where the company is presently experiencing its strongest increases.


Three sectors of action

You are exclusively responsible for the Sports and Outdoor Division.

That is my main responsibility, yes. You have to remember that Noble Biomaterials operates in three sectors. One of them is the health care sector, where we work especially with solutions provided by X-STATIC® technology for avoiding infections and treating wounds. The second sector is industrial, where we make use of the conductivity and protection from magnetic waves provided by silver with our Circuitex™ technology. And the third sector is Sports and Outdoor, focused on anti-odor technology provided by XT2® and X-STATIC®. It is important to emphasize that these fabrics remain unchanged regardless of how many times they are washed and are a symbol of our identity. I am mostly in charge of developing the European business in this division.


What weight does the Spanish market carry in Noble Biomaterials’ business in Europe?

It’s difficult to quantify because Noble Biomaterials works both with brands and with manufacturers. Among the manufacturers are some leading companies such as Toray or Filartex, which use our products and which have many European companies as their customers. Germany, France and Italy are the main markets at the moment for our company, but I can tell you that Spanish outdoor companies are extremely interested in XT2® — technology that we have improved after changing the production process and optimizing its efficiency in eliminating odor and bacteria. Some brands have already incorporated this technology into their products and negotiations are currently under way with other major companies exhibiting at ISPO Munich for it to be used it in their collections.


Market awareness about the excellence of our products

What targets have you set yourselves for 2016?

We want the projects we are presently working on to materialize in order to draw the attention of new brands. So we hope that they will join us as customers and make the market aware about the excellence of our products and we can provide ways for which end users can discover them.


To achieve this you will have to carry out actions that enable the brand to be recognized

In the case of X-STATIC®, because it has already been on the market for some years, it is already known by specialist brands and some users. It is true that we plan to carry out marketing actions to promote not only X-STATIC® but the other brands, XT2® and Circuitex™, which will be reaching end users over the next few months.


Are you expecting to see a specific growth level this year?

Expectations are very positive and everything points to us continuing along the same growth path as in previous years. And it is not only the financial results that we are achieving, but the road ahead and the opportunities that our high-technology products provides, which continuously offers us renewed enthusiasm for this project. An example of this is Circuitex™, which was presented last year at Techtextil and has now been fully developed, offering a multitude of options in terms of integration of electronics into clothing for monitoring user data, such as for example pulse rate or body temperature.