Hill City by GAP, Lunya, BN3TH and ReST® Adopt Noble Biomaterial’s XT2® and Circuitex® Technologies

Top brands are forming strategic partnership with Noble to meet consumer demands News provided by Noble Biomaterials, Inc. Feb 04, 2019, 11:20 ET SCRANTON, Pa., Feb. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As the consumer trend of demanding premium-quality apparel for multi-use is on the rise, more brands are partnering with Noble Biomaterials, a global leader in odor elimination and smart fabric solutions, to develop products with Noble’s platform of inherent fiber technologies – allowing them to stay current in the ever-evolving apparel industry. Hill City by GAP, Inc. a new men’s active-apparel line of versatile, high-performance pieces, uses Noble’s XT2® Anti-Odor Technology so guys can wear the same shirt for a workout and then go meet up with friends without offending anyone in the room. Lunya, a modern-luxury sleepwear brand, has adopted XT2® into its collection to help women sleep better at night. BN3TH features XT2® NO STINK Technology in its PRO XT2® Base Layer, a full-length tight that keeps you feeling fresh all day long. XT2® uses the properties of silver ions to kill odor before it starts. Unlike topical finishes or treatments, the silver is inherent in the fiber providing a permanent anti-odor solution. Metallic silver is not released so it will not wash out or wear off – lasting the life of the product. “Consumers today want to buy technical garments that are functional while making them look and feel good,” said Karin Mueller, Noble Biomaterials Global SVP Marketing. “They don’t want to compromise performance or fashion, and they want the ease and confidence of knowing one top can confidently carry them through their day. After a sweaty... read more

Lululemon men’s Lululemon Made to move. THE SECRET IS OUT Lululemon’s next target is mindfulness for men

Lululemon Made to move. THE SECRET IS OUT Lululemon’s next target is mindfulness for men By Marc BainJanuary 10, 2019 A lot of men who shop at Lululemon got their introduction to the brand through a woman. They were boyfriends or husbands who tagged along on a shopping trip, or a woman may have just gone ahead and bought them something herself. “About 40 percent of our men’s product sales today are to women,” says Stuart Haselden, Lululemon’s COO. “It’s an important catalyst for our men’s business, and has been in building it to where it is today.” The brand built on premium women’s yoga pants is now working hard to get men to think of it as a shopping destination for them, too. Its men’s business is still “a bit of a secret,” Haselden says, even though Lululemon made its first big effort to develop key men’s styles about four years ago. A couple years back, it developed a complete strategy to target men that is currently paying off as sales to guys ramp up. It’s now ahead of schedule on its goal to reach $1 billion in men’s sales—representing a quarter of its business—by 2020, and 30% of new customers it attracts are men. If that business can be called a secret, it’s a successful one, particularly in a competitive market dominated by labels such as Nike and Under Armour. Ironically, most men don’t to seem to be using Lululemon’s products for yoga. ”The number one activity is running,” Haselden says. After that comes “training,” which includes everything from CrossFit to—yes—actual yoga. The company’s top men’s sellers include products for these sports, such... read more

Spotted: new helmets from Smith Optics for 2018

We’ve stumbled onto some previously unseen lids from Smith   Smith has updated the Forefront trail helmet for 2018     Smith Optics has been a long time player in sunglasses and goggles, and a few years back the Sun Valley, Idaho based company released its range of road and MTB helmets with the unique Aerocore Koroyd construction. Smith’s new Attack and Attack Max use magnets for speedy lens changes Smith Rover helmet first ride review Best bike helmets: a buyer’s guide to help you find what’s right for you Now, Smith has quietly lifted the veil on a few previously unseen road and MTB lids. Notably there are some budget-friendly models sans Koroyd and the brand appears to have put an emphasis on internal channeling in an effort to improve airflow. At this time, there is no pricing information available. MTB Forefront 2 Smith has updated the Forefront trail helmet for 2018 Smith’s Forefront has been a very popular full coverage trail/all mountain lid for the past few years, and for 2018 it’s getting an update. The new version sees the Koroyd extended into the back of the shell to fully encompass the helmet for max protection. To keep your melon as safe as possible, in addition to the Koroyd, the Forefront 2 will be available in MIPS and standard versions. With 20 vents the Forefront 2 loses a vent over its predecessor, but the vents themselves have increased drastically in size. Smith also says the AirEvac channelling has been upgraded to promote airflow through the helmet. Claimed to weigh 320g, the new lid drops 13g over the... read more

ROKA Award-Winning Performance Short Introduced with Noble Biomaterials XT2® Anti-Odor Technology

ROKA Sports, the performance multisport brand that makes the finest technical apparel and equipment for running, cycling, swimming and triathlon, has chosen Noble’s XT2® anti-odor technology as a key ingredient used in its successful Gen II Men’s and Women’s Elite Run Shorts. Due to its enormous popularity, the Gen II Men’s 5” Run Short has already sold out.   According to ROKA, very few running brands put the same design effort into the liner as they do the rest of the short, noting that many liners aren’t comfortable and serve little to no purpose apart from containment.   After searching for fabrics from manufacturers around the world, ROKA chose a soft, breathable fabric made with XT2® for the liner, which extends to the waistband, of the Gen II Elite Run Shorts. XT2® harnesses the properties of silver to provide long-lasting odor protection. Unlike topical finishes or treatments, the silver is inherent and permanent to the yarn and will not wash out or wear off – lasting the life of the product. “Trust us, we know from testing in hot and humid conditions in Dallas, TX that this silver  technology really works,” said Justin Brinkley, ROKA Marketing Associate.   Because of the overwhelming success of its men’s Gen II Elite 5” Run Short, ROKA announced it has introduced XT2® anti-odor technology to its new Women’s Elite Run Shorts, a critical improvement to a short already chosen by Runner’s World as Gear of the Year in 2016!   Keep an eye on this growing brand. All run products are made in the USA, designed to unlock human potential. Sound familiar? Great minds think alike!... read more

Fiber Powerhouses Present in Panel Discussion at Texworld USA

Fiber Powerhouses Present in Panel Discussion at Texworld USA Noble Biomaterials Rolls Out a Range of Sustainable, Anti-Odor Fabrics   July 17, 2017; Scranton, PA –  Noble Biomaterials, Inc., a global leader in odor elimination and smart fabric technology solutions, will introduce a range of high-performance textiles made with XT2 ® anti-odor technology this week at Texworld. Noble will offer activewear brands a more natural textile alternative to polyester often used in technical knits. Lenzings’ sustainable fibers offer moisture transfer and comfort and when blended with the anti-odor benefits of Noble’s silver-based technology, provide an optimum textile for active-lifestyle applications that can be washed less frequently and maintain freshness. “Noble has a rich history in fiber and textile development, and a deep commitment to sustainability,” said Joel Furey, Founder and CCO, Noble Biomaterials. “Our goal is to consistently innovate new textiles and technologies that improve people’s lives every day.” With a heritage of developing specialized yarns, advanced materials and cutting-edge technologies for consumer, healthcare and military applications, Noble continues to blend its legacy textile knowledge with progressive scientific techniques and manufacturing practices. Its XT2® technologies use the properties of silver to provide long-lasting odor protection. Unlike topical finishes or treatments, the silver is inherent and permanent to the yarn and will not wash out or wear off – lasting the life of the product. Noble’s commitment to sustainability is firmly grounded in its core values and is reflected in its technologies, facilities, and operations. The company engages in numerous sustainability initiatives, including recovery and recycling of silver, addressing sourcing, production, and product end of-life. In addition to its commitment... read more

Circuitex® Conductive Technology Advances Design Flexibility in Smart Apparel

Circuitex® Conductive Technology Advances Design Flexibility in Smart Apparel New Wearable Application Selected as a Top 10 Product in ISPO Textrends Trims Category   February 3, 2017; Scranton, PA – Noble Biomaterials, Inc., a global leader in conductive solutions for smart textiles applications, has collaborated with Bemis Associates to develop a seamless, conductive advanced material that allows for simple and durable integration of electronics into apparel. This fully-bonded, conductive material is engineered with Noble’s Circuitex® technology and provides for the detection, transmission and protection of electronic signals in a soft and flexible format. Its unique construction provides designers with complete freedom to design smart garments with integrated stretch and durability using Bemis Sewfree® Bonding. Circuitex is made by permanently bonding pure silver – nature’s most conductive element – to the surface of a textile fiber or fabric.  The bond creates a continuous layer of silver, yet retains the flexibility, comfort and durability of the textile material. Products using Circuitex can provide myriad data streams (ECG, EMG, strain, pressure mapping), as well as allowing for active power delivery (lighting, electro-muscle stimulation, basic power). “About 95 percent of human interface to the world is through textiles,” said Joel Furey, Chief Commercial Officer, Noble Biomaterials. “The need to integrate technology into apparel is vital and our collaboration with Bemis will enable critical infrastructure components that will allow brands to deliver on the promise of truly connected apparel.” “The key to success in the connected products space is strategic collaboration – and the teamwork between Bemis and Noble to deliver a simplified product and process is an expression of that cooperative mentality,” said... read more

Noble Biomaterials and ANTA Sports Form Strategic Alliance

    Noble Biomaterials and ANTA Sports Form Strategic Alliance Partnership Brings Noble’s Premier XT2® Anti-Odor Technology to ANTA’s Performance Products August 3, 2016; Scranton, PA – Noble Biomaterials, Inc., a global leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications, announces it has established a strategic alliance with a wholly owned subsidiary of ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020. HK), which is one of China’s largest sportswear companies based in Fujian.   The partnership will bring together Noble’s XT2® odor management technology with ANTA Sports’ performance products for the ANTA, FILA and other brands agreed upon under the terms of the alliance. Noble and ANTA Sports have created innovative new fabrics powered by XT2®, designed to eliminate odor in fitness, sport and lifestyle products The product line will launch in fall 2016, with a full launch campaign scheduled for 2017 when details on the collection and technology will be announced. ANTA Sports products with XT2® Technology will be sold in over 9,000 stores and online channels across China.   “ANTA Sports and Noble share the common vision of helping empower people to perform at their best,” said Jeff Keane, CEO, Noble Biomaterials. “We are thrilled with the ANTA Sports partnership and look forward to working together to develop performance products that allow people to reach their potential.   “As a leading Chinese sportswear company, ANTA Sports emphasizes establishing high-level partnerships with advanced material technology makers like Noble,” said Roger Wang, CText FTI, Ph.D, Director of Innovation, ANTA Sports. “We strongly believe the partnership for the use of XT2® will greatly benefit ANTA Sports and Noble, and leverage... read more

Interview with diffusion SPORT

“Spanish outdoor companies are extremely interested in XT2®” Sergio Morales Manager of the Noble Biomaterials Sports and Outdoor Sales Division in Europe, Noble Biomaterials Interview with diffusion SPORT Interview with Sergio Morales, Manager of the Noble Biomaterials Sports and Outdoor Sales Division in Europe   Just over a year ago, Sergio Morales started on a new career path. With many years of experience working in the technical fabric industry, this native of Aragon, Spain, joined Noble Biomaterials to lead the Sports and Outdoor Sales Division in Europe. At the stand at Ispo Munich, where the company was promoting its XT2®, X-STATIC® and Circuitex™ technologies, Mr. Morales gave us a round-up of his first twelve months spent working with this new responsibility.   Are you satisfied with your first year at Noble Biomaterials? It has been a very satisfactory year, there’s no doubt about that; taking on a new challenge and having the opportunity to take part in highly positive developments at the company, which is on the way up, showing growth of over 20% in recent years. And added to this is the fact that Europe is where the company is presently experiencing its strongest increases.   Three sectors of action You are exclusively responsible for the Sports and Outdoor Division. That is my main responsibility, yes. You have to remember that Noble Biomaterials operates in three sectors. One of them is the health care sector, where we work especially with solutions provided by X-STATIC® technology for avoiding infections and treating wounds. The second sector is industrial, where we make use of the conductivity and protection from magnetic waves... read more

CNN Reports Wearable Technology Could Simultaneously Act as A Remote Doctor

CNN Reports Wearable Technology Could Simultaneously Act as A Remote Doctor Noble Biomaterials’ Circuitex™ featured in CNN’s Breaking Ground Column     According to a recent article in CNN written by Meera Senthilingam, you can find out all you need to know about your body’s vital signs by getting dressed. Meera reports that the burgeoning market for intelligent clothing that can measure stats including your heart and respiratory rate has resulted in a broad range of wearables, which could one-day act simultaneously as an on-call doctor. Bennett Fisher, Noble Biomaterials General Manager overseeing Circuitex™ commented, “People can be monitored 24/7 and not have to be in hospital to do it. The data collected can provide a general profile of a person’s health.” The article shared that the secret ingredient to these smart fabrics is silver. Meera stated, “The technology is based on the use of conductive yarns — most commonly made with silver — which are woven into fabrics to act as sensors that detect electrical signals, acting as electrocardiograms (ECGs) and electromyograms (EMGs) to measure heart rate and muscle activity respectively. The silver can either be woven in throughout a piece of clothing or else through tapes or patches sewn into specific regions.” Find the full article here:... read more

Crew from The Doctors “Scrubs In” With X-STATIC®

The Doctors, the popular health and wellness talk show, recently decked out their entire staff and crew in SilverCare® Plus Antimicrobial Scrubs Powered by X-STATIC®! Check out the on-set photo. Wednesdays are hectic around the studio and nursing scrubs powered by X-STATIC® provide a combined level of style, comfort and performance unmatched by any other technology. Their natural odor-fighting and bacteria reduction capabilities help nurses around the world stay fresh during long shifts and keep the fabrics surrounding their patients and families safe. Special thanks to The Doctors for helping us raise awareness for the potential risks associated with spreading bacteria via soft surfaces in healthcare. Want your own pair of SilverCare® Plus Antimicrobial Scrubs? Order them here... read more

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