Circuitex® Conductive Technology Advances Design Flexibility in Smart Apparel

Circuitex® Conductive Technology Advances Design Flexibility in Smart Apparel New Wearable Application Selected as a Top 10 Product in ISPO Textrends Trims Category   February 3, 2017; Scranton, PA – Noble Biomaterials, Inc., a global leader in conductive solutions for smart textiles applications, has collaborated with Bemis Associates to develop a seamless, conductive advanced material that allows for simple and durable integration of electronics into apparel. This fully-bonded, conductive material is engineered with Noble’s Circuitex® technology and provides for the detection, transmission and protection of electronic signals in a soft and flexible format. Its unique construction provides designers with complete freedom to design smart garments with integrated stretch and durability using Bemis Sewfree® Bonding. Circuitex is made by permanently bonding pure silver – nature’s most conductive element – to the surface of a textile fiber or fabric.  The bond creates a continuous layer of silver, yet retains the flexibility, comfort and durability of the textile material. Products using Circuitex can provide myriad data streams (ECG, EMG, strain, pressure mapping), as well as allowing for active power delivery (lighting, electro-muscle stimulation, basic power). “About 95 percent of human interface to the world is through textiles,” said Joel Furey, Chief Commercial Officer, Noble Biomaterials. “The need to integrate technology into apparel is vital and our collaboration with Bemis will enable critical infrastructure components that will allow brands to deliver on the promise of truly connected apparel.” “The key to success in the connected products space is strategic collaboration – and the teamwork between Bemis and Noble to deliver a simplified product and process is an expression of that cooperative mentality,” said... read more

Noble Biomaterials and ANTA Sports Form Strategic Alliance

    Noble Biomaterials and ANTA Sports Form Strategic Alliance Partnership Brings Noble’s Premier XT2® Anti-Odor Technology to ANTA’s Performance Products August 3, 2016; Scranton, PA – Noble Biomaterials, Inc., a global leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications, announces it has established a strategic alliance with a wholly owned subsidiary of ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020. HK), which is one of China’s largest sportswear companies based in Fujian.   The partnership will bring together Noble’s XT2® odor management technology with ANTA Sports’ performance products for the ANTA, FILA and other brands agreed upon under the terms of the alliance. Noble and ANTA Sports have created innovative new fabrics powered by XT2®, designed to eliminate odor in fitness, sport and lifestyle products The product line will launch in fall 2016, with a full launch campaign scheduled for 2017 when details on the collection and technology will be announced. ANTA Sports products with XT2® Technology will be sold in over 9,000 stores and online channels across China.   “ANTA Sports and Noble share the common vision of helping empower people to perform at their best,” said Jeff Keane, CEO, Noble Biomaterials. “We are thrilled with the ANTA Sports partnership and look forward to working together to develop performance products that allow people to reach their potential.   “As a leading Chinese sportswear company, ANTA Sports emphasizes establishing high-level partnerships with advanced material technology makers like Noble,” said Roger Wang, CText FTI, Ph.D, Director of Innovation, ANTA Sports. “We strongly believe the partnership for the use of XT2® will greatly benefit ANTA Sports and Noble, and leverage... read more

Interview with diffusion SPORT

“Spanish outdoor companies are extremely interested in XT2®” Sergio Morales Manager of the Noble Biomaterials Sports and Outdoor Sales Division in Europe, Noble Biomaterials Interview with diffusion SPORT Interview with Sergio Morales, Manager of the Noble Biomaterials Sports and Outdoor Sales Division in Europe   Just over a year ago, Sergio Morales started on a new career path. With many years of experience working in the technical fabric industry, this native of Aragon, Spain, joined Noble Biomaterials to lead the Sports and Outdoor Sales Division in Europe. At the stand at Ispo Munich, where the company was promoting its XT2®, X-STATIC® and Circuitex™ technologies, Mr. Morales gave us a round-up of his first twelve months spent working with this new responsibility.   Are you satisfied with your first year at Noble Biomaterials? It has been a very satisfactory year, there’s no doubt about that; taking on a new challenge and having the opportunity to take part in highly positive developments at the company, which is on the way up, showing growth of over 20% in recent years. And added to this is the fact that Europe is where the company is presently experiencing its strongest increases.   Three sectors of action You are exclusively responsible for the Sports and Outdoor Division. That is my main responsibility, yes. You have to remember that Noble Biomaterials operates in three sectors. One of them is the health care sector, where we work especially with solutions provided by X-STATIC® technology for avoiding infections and treating wounds. The second sector is industrial, where we make use of the conductivity and protection from magnetic waves... read more

CNN Reports Wearable Technology Could Simultaneously Act as A Remote Doctor

CNN Reports Wearable Technology Could Simultaneously Act as A Remote Doctor Noble Biomaterials’ Circuitex™ featured in CNN’s Breaking Ground Column     According to a recent article in CNN written by Meera Senthilingam, you can find out all you need to know about your body’s vital signs by getting dressed. Meera reports that the burgeoning market for intelligent clothing that can measure stats including your heart and respiratory rate has resulted in a broad range of wearables, which could one-day act simultaneously as an on-call doctor. Bennett Fisher, Noble Biomaterials General Manager overseeing Circuitex™ commented, “People can be monitored 24/7 and not have to be in hospital to do it. The data collected can provide a general profile of a person’s health.” The article shared that the secret ingredient to these smart fabrics is silver. Meera stated, “The technology is based on the use of conductive yarns — most commonly made with silver — which are woven into fabrics to act as sensors that detect electrical signals, acting as electrocardiograms (ECGs) and electromyograms (EMGs) to measure heart rate and muscle activity respectively. The silver can either be woven in throughout a piece of clothing or else through tapes or patches sewn into specific regions.” Find the full article here:... read more

Crew from The Doctors “Scrubs In” With X-STATIC®

The Doctors, the popular health and wellness talk show, recently decked out their entire staff and crew in SilverCare® Plus Antimicrobial Scrubs Powered by X-STATIC®! Check out the on-set photo. Wednesdays are hectic around the studio and nursing scrubs powered by X-STATIC® provide a combined level of style, comfort and performance unmatched by any other technology. Their natural odor-fighting and bacteria reduction capabilities help nurses around the world stay fresh during long shifts and keep the fabrics surrounding their patients and families safe. Special thanks to The Doctors for helping us raise awareness for the potential risks associated with spreading bacteria via soft surfaces in healthcare. Want your own pair of SilverCare® Plus Antimicrobial Scrubs? Order them here... read more

Celebrate International Infection Prevention Week With Us!

Presenting an Exciting Webinar Opportunity: Establishing a New Standard of Care for Soft Surface Fabrics. Becker’s Healthcare is partnering with X-STATIC® antimicrobial technology to host a new webinar on soft surface bacterial contamination, October 14, 2014 at 1:15 pm, in observance of International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW), which takes place from October 19-25. The webinar, hosted by Peg Luebbert, MS, MT (ASCP), CIC, CHSP, will focus on immediate action steps for addressing this important, yet often overlooked, piece of the infection prevention puzzle. Luebbert will discuss the business case for addressing soft surface fabrics and highlight facilities that have taken the initiative to elevate their standard of care for soft surface fabrics, including implementing engineering controls such as antimicrobial fabrics powered by X-STATIC®. To register, visit Studies show that not only do bacteria exist on soft surfaces, but they can survive for up to weeks and months at a time. Addressing all types of environmental contamination will help facilities in their efforts to reduce the occurrence of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). To learn more about International Infection Prevention Week, click here. For more information on X-STATIC and its premier silver fiber technology, visit, “like” X-STATIC® on Facebook or follow us... read more

X-STATIC® Celebrates Environmental Services Week, September 14-20th, 2014

Sunday, September 14th marks the start of Environmental Services Week 2014, which recognizes environmental service (EVS) teams around the world who play a critical role in maintaining a safe environment for healthcare patients, visitors, and staff. Collectively, we think of a safe environment as a place we feel secure and protected from harm. In infection prevention, we think about a safe environment as a clean environment, where patients are protected from dangerous pathogens that can cause hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). EVS personnel are as crucial as the doctors and nurses who treat patients in reducing the spread of infection and work hand-in-hand with infection prevention departments.  We are happy to join the entire Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) in acknowledging all the progress the industry has made as well as the individual environmental service professionals for their efforts in caring for a complex healthcare environment. As with hard surfaces, understanding the risks associated with soft surface fabrics in the patient environment will better equip EVS teams to address this infection prevention challenge. Numerous studies have shown soft surface fabrics, such as privacy curtains, to be frequently contaminated with bacteria and that these bacteria can survive for extended periods of time. Even so, one survey of current practices revealed, “thirty-seven percent of hospitals only launder privacy curtains when they are visibly soiled.” [1] Infection prevention and EVS departments can work together to create better standards of care for soft surface fabrics, including written policies for laundering and utilizing engineering controls like antimicrobial fabrics. But remember, not all antimicrobial technologies are created equal! As one of the Becker’s Hospital Review Top... read more

New Study from CDC Indicates Linens Were Likely Transmitter of Fungal Infection in Hospital Outbreak

Recent research released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the cross contamination risk associated with soft surface fabrics in healthcare is very real. We consistently hear from the infection prevention community that research, data and evidence-based practice is paramount to spurring healthcare systems to action. The study published in the May 2014 issue of The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, describes an outbreak of a fungal infection (mucormycosis) that occurred between August 2008 and July 2009 in a New Orleans Children’s Hospital. The infection was traced backed to hospital linens as the transmission vehicle. The linens were the only exposure source identified as common to all the patients. The full study can be found here. Fabrics and other soft surfaces in the healthcare environment are fomites and do represent a significant portion of the direct patient environment. Still, guidelines and standard procedures for soft surfaces are severely lacking compared to other surfaces. X-STATIC® is committed to supporting the production of additional research that provides a greater body of evidence in the area of soft surfaces because we know that this represents an untapped opportunity to employ a more complete infection prevention program. Products powered by X-STATIC® antimicrobial technology provide a permanent and continuous solution for reducing bacteria on the surface of fabrics surrounding healthcare staff and patients. Take action to address soft surface fabrics in your facility today. Learn how with this free whitepaper... read more

X-STATIC® is among 100 Infection Prevention Products to Know

Becker’s Hospital Review recently published its list of Top 100 Infection Prevention Products to know! The list outlines products according to category and is a great resource for both the seasoned and novice infection preventionist alike. X-STATIC® Antimicrobial Technology was featured as a must-know product in the textiles category. Textiles, or soft surfaces, in healthcare are often overlooked when it comes to infection prevention, despite recent attention from regulatory agencies.  For example, in one recent survey of infection preventionists, 96 percent used privacy curtains in patient rooms, but 37 percent changed them “only when visibly soiled.” In addition, some changed curtains only every three months or once per year! It’s important to address these soft surfaces –privacy curtains, uniforms, lab coats and bed linens – in a more complete prevention program to effectively break the chain of infection.  Healthcare fabrics powered by X-STATIC® are safe, continuously active surfaces that work to reduce the amount of bacteria in the environment. Have questions? Please contact us at info(at) 1. DeAngelis DL, Khakoo, R. DeAngeleis, D.L. Hospital Privacy Curtains: Cleaning and Changing Policies – Are We Doing Enough? American Journal of Infection Control.... read more


Leads Charge to Prove Soft Surface Fabrics Are Essential for a More Complete Infection Prevention Program Noble Biomaterials, Inc., manufacturer of X-STATIC® Antimicrobial Technology announced a call for research proposals to generate hard evidence supporting the need for soft surface bacterial management in healthcare settings. The call for proposals comes after newly released recommendations from the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) shed light on the issue of contaminated healthcare personnel apparel in the hospital environment. Our vision to be the premier provider of bacterial management solutions for healthcare includes supporting the industry to generate the evidence-based practice it needs,” said Karin Mueller, Vice President of Marketing at Noble. “We expect our infection prevention partners to hold us to that standard and we’re equipped to meet and exceed those expectations. There are numerous studies proving healthcare fabrics such as privacy curtains, lab coats, scrubs and linens, are contaminated with dangerous bacteria and that contamination occurs quickly after laundering1. However, the SHEA Expert guidance describes certain research gaps needed to drive facilities to address this issue. Noble pledges to support two such areas: the role attire (and additional healthcare fabrics) plays in the transmission of pathogens and its impact on healthcare associated infections (HAIs), as well as the impact of antimicrobial fabrics on the level of bacteria associated with those fabrics and a cost/benefit analysis of using these as a permanent solution. Healthcare systems and researchers interested in working with Noble are encouraged to submit proposals to X-STATIC® is an EPA registered, silver based antimicrobial solution proven to reduce 99.9% of bacteria on the surface of fabrics within... read more

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