Leading companies around the world have chosen Noble Biomaterials for its innovative engineering, high quality control standards and service-oriented company culture. Today, Noble Biomaterials provides pioneering new products in the following industries.


Performance Apparel

With more than 70% of people saying they were not able to wash out the odor from their performance shirt, it is an understatement to say that odor control is a massive unmet consumer need. It should also not be surprising that people want their clothing not to stink throughout the day. People are demanding better performance from their apparel – more than 45% of people who work out wear the same shirt three or more times before washing. More than half of people feel that preventing odor is very important because it impacts their lifestyle and the way they want to use their apparel products*.

Noble Biomaterials has spent the last 150 years innovating to meet the needs of the market. During this time it recognized the potential benefits of X-STATIC® for athletic and performance apparel. Its innovations in this area have been chosen by some of the most-recognized and forward-thinking brands in the world.

X-STATIC® is Proven to Extremes™ and worn by elite athletes and military organizations. It meets and surpasses the rigors of multiple day wears between washes. XT2® allows people to Play More. Stink Less™ with its all day, every day odor elimination capability.

Both X-STATIC® and XT2® technologies provide permanent anti-odor capabilities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on fabrics that can cause odor. Noble has tested garments made with X-STATIC® and XT2® under rigorous conditions and has observed proven performance over the life of the garment.


Soft Surface Protection

Wound Care and Orthopedic

Manufacturers of advanced wound care products incorporate X-STATIC® Antimicrobial Technology into various medical devices including; advanced wound care treatments, dressings, medical socks and orthopedic soft goods. The flexibility, comfort, and proven performance of the technology clearly differentiates it in the marketplace. Noble Biomaterials, Inc. holds a number of FDA 510(k) clearances for its own line of advanced wound and burn care products, marketed under the SilverSeal® brand and its customers have multiple FDA cleared products on the market today.

Noble Biomaterials designs, develops and licenses the use of X-STATIC® to some of the most recognized healthcare companies in the world, including KCI and Systagenix (both Acelity companies), Argentum Medical, Alliqua Biomedical, Ansell Healthcare, Arc-Com and Toray Textiles Europe.


Imagine a certified nurse assistant who helps her favorite patient with their basin bath. While cleaning up, she slightly tipped the basin of dirty water and spilled some on the front of her uniform. She wiped it off as well as she could and continued her long and busy day of direct patient care activities. She nonchalantly touched her hands to the uniform and at least one time touched the uniform and then grabbed tape out of her pocket to seal up a wound dressing.

It’s not hard to imagine how this kind of scenario could happen frequently. Soft surfaces are touched thousands of times per day in the hospital environment.

Products powered by X-STATIC® inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of their fabrics. Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), are the fourth leading cause of death in the US and a primary global public health issue. We support the belief that cleaner hospitals are safer hospitals, protecting soft surfaces should be considered equally as important as hard surfaces. Our brand partners are making great strides in providing solutions.

Manufacturers of healthcare apparel and textiles incorporate X-STATIC® into soft surfaces such as scrubs, privacy curtains, lab coats, patient apparel and bed linens to inhibit the growth of bacteria on its surface. These fabrics surround healthcare staff, patients and families when in the hospital environment so it has become an important part of the discussion.


When product engineers are looking for components for use in highly predictable and customizable solutions -CIRCUITEX™ comes to mind. Noble Biomaterials markets its CIRCUITEX™ products to manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, military, and electronics industries for use in specific applications where EMI shielding and static dissipation are desired.

CIRCUITEX™ fabric is highly-effective at conducting electricity, dissipating static and providing EMI shielding in applications where data transmission networks and electronics require protection from interference or interception. Lightweight, flexible, and easy to install, CIRCUITEX™ is engineered to perform to the exacting specifications required by today’s most demanding applications.

CIRCUITEX™ is licensed by some of the most recognized companies in the world, including Lockheed Martin, Schlegel, Boeing and Parker Chomerics.


Noble Biomaterials’ CIRCUITEX™ technology facilitates the integration of electronics into garments and accessories in a manner that is virtually undetectable to the wearer. CIRCUITEX™ enables signal sensing and transmission to external processing devices, further empowering “The Internet of Things” by connecting wearable technologies to larger technical infrastructure.

Wearable technology is an emerging market segment that is expected to grow rapidly as the adoption of bio-sensing devices continues to expand into more and more areas of everyday life. As of 2014, 20% of American adults already owned a wearable device while 53% of Millennials (people aged 18-34) say they are excited about wearable technology. Simultaneously, 80% of consumers list living healthier as an important benefit of wearable technologyi.

Noble is currently partnering with the largest names in apparel and technology to explore and develop wearable technology applications that will rely on CIRCUITEX™ as a key enabling advanced material.


When mission critical events are happening around the world, and protecting troops is the objective, the military has turned to Noble Biomaterials for its best-in-class solutions. The company has been helping to improve the quality of life for soldiers in the field, while they are protecting the lives of others, for more than a decade. Noble Biomaterials has been selected by several branches of the United States military to provide X-STATIC® for use in standard-issue military apparel and gear including socks and base layers. Several of the military’s top contractors license the technology for use in their own products.

X-STATIC® Antimicrobial Technology was chosen for its anti-odor properties as well as its durability under rigorous conditions. X-STATIC® inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on garments in high risk environments, such as those experienced by military personnel.

Noble Biomaterials is a bluesign® system partner.

Noble Biomaterials Products are OEKO-TEX® certified.

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