The world is changing. Technology is entering our lives from every sector. People are demanding and seeking more data on their physical performance. Product designers are searching for innovation to help deliver on this need. Not in the ways of yesterday – but in the ways of tomorrow. Enter CIRCUITEX™ – the technology that delivers on this design promise but seemingly disappears to the user. Allowing the product developer to design with the technology- not around or against it. CIRCUITEX™ is the perfect combination of form and function. CIRCUITEX™ products can detect and monitor human physiological signals for fitness or healthcare applications. It is able to be incorporated into and throughout the clothing itself. The silver yarns move the data – whether its heart rate variability, EKG, breathing rate, activity intensity, or force of impact, among others – to a “module” or other component that collects that data and sends it elsewhere, such as to a smartphone. Noble has partnered with several premier technology and apparel brands as an integral part of successfully bringing smart garments to the consumer. CIRCUITEX™ is a partner of OMSignal, Clothing+ and Athos Fitness and its technology can be found in products launched to the market, including the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt and the Adidas miCoach.

Industrial Use & Packaging

Noble Biomaterials is the only company in the U.S. to offer a complete range of products including metallized and woven fabrics utilizing silver that can be used for commercial purposes. more


CIRCUITEX™ utilizes highly conductive yarns, replacing traditional metal wire technology and fabrics for numerous electrical applications. more

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Brands are gaining a competitive advantage with CIRCUITEX™ integration.

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