Detect. Transmit. Protect.

CIRCUITEX™ integration is seamless.


CIRCUITEX™ is integrated to:

DETECT -Serving as a soft surface sensor to pick up electrical signals from the body
TRANSMIT -Transmitting electrical signals from one point to another
PROTECT -Ensuring the reliability of a maximum signal without interference from omitting frequencies and electrical noise

How does CIRCUITEX™ work?

1: A non-conductive polymer, such as nylon, is bonded with 99.99% pure silver
2: The pure silver covers a 100% surface area around the fiber, which then creates a highly conductive and uniform product – the CIRCUITEX™ fiber
3: Various levels of the CIRCUITEX™ fiber are used in a fabric in order to customize the desired conductive end use

Why is CIRCUITEX™ conductive?

Since 100% of the CIRCUITEX™ surface area is permanently coated in silver, and silver is the most conductive of all metals, CIRCUITEX™ conductivity performance is second to none.

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Brands are gaining a competitive advantage with CIRCUITEX™ integration.

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