Enabling Conductivity

CIRCUITEX™ enables signal sensing and signal transmission to external processing devices when integrated into soft surface wearable technology.

Utilizing the conductivity of silver, CIRCUITEX™ allows designers to create smart wearables without uncomfortable hard materials. Sensors made from CIRCUITEX™ technology play a key role in the quest to design an advanced product that provides the technological benefits without all the visible hardware.

Biometric Monitoring

Nothing transmits a signal better than silver. With 100% surface area coverage and uniform conductivity – CIRCUITEX™ utilizes the permanently bound silver to transmit small electrical signals from the body. A flexible substrate, CIRCUITEX™ technology helps make garments smarter and more comfortable, while providing the critical information to understand how a body is performing.


Protecting signals is a critical function in a smart garment system. CIRCUITEX™ fulfills a key role in warding off signal degradation. Utilizing permanently bound silver and 100% surface area coverage, designers can achieve uniform conductivity for predictable results. Products made with flexible CIRCUITEX™ remove design barriers and help them make innovations a reality. CIRCUITEX™ fabric is highly-effective at conducting electricity, dissipating static and providing EMI shielding in applications where data transmission networks and electronics require protection from interference or interception.

Static control is another benefit with CIRCUITEX™. It is used to safely and predictably dissipate static electricity in a variety of industrial applications.

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Brands are gaining a competitive advantage with CIRCUITEX™ integration.

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