Antenna systems

Noble Biomaterials manufactures products used in several different markets and applications that are lightweight and maintain a textile hand. These can easily be integrated into garments, tents or temporary buildings as a fully concealed, malleable antenna system.

Antennas can be embroidered in any desired configuration and can easily be terminated with common connectors and electrodes. This smart textile application is washable, durable, flexible and stretchable, making it ideal for challenging, high-tech applications where a compromise of reception performance would represent an unacceptable risk.

Body monitoring

Highly conductive and flexible to conform to a body’s shape, Noble products have desirable attributes for developing body monitoring products for both medical and recreational use.


Cable & wires

Noble Biomaterials utilizes highly-conductive yarns, replacing traditional metal wire technology and fabrics for numerous electrical applications. These can be easily terminated with common connectors and electrodes. The cables and wires are lightweight, washable, durable, flexible, stretchable and unobtrusive, making them ideal for power and data circuits, and other high-tech applications.


Data transmission

Soft and flexible, CIRCUITEX is ideal for apparel applications which are designed to transmit data such as conductive gloves, wearables and other smart fabrics.

Data protection

CIRCUITEX serves as an excellent material for signal transmission or shielding in products such as EMI/RF Shielding cables, fabrics, or gaskets.


EMI/RF shielding

The high attenuation performance of the highly-conductive fibers and textiles provide for exceptional EMI/RF shielding properties.


Flexible circuitry

Ideal for power and data circuits, new applications of CIRCUITEX are coming to market constantly. Check back often to review new product offerings.


Heated fabrics

Silver is the most thermally conductive element on Earth. Noble provides the technology behind heated fabrics.


Personal electronics

The highly-conductive properties and soft, flexible nature of the fibers allow integration into personal electronics products when conventional materials simply won’t work.


Static control

CIRCUITEX is a safe and cost-effective anti-static solution for static-control garments, FIBC bags, or anti-static floorings.




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