Circuitex® Conductive Technology Advances Design Flexibility in Smart Apparel

New Wearable Application Selected as a Top 10 Product in ISPO Textrends Trims Category


February 3, 2017; Scranton, PANoble Biomaterials, Inc., a global leader in conductive solutions for smart textiles applications, has collaborated with Bemis Associates to develop a seamless, conductive advanced material that allows for simple and durable integration of electronics into apparel.

This fully-bonded, conductive material is engineered with Noble’s Circuitex® technology and provides for the detection, transmission and protection of electronic signals in a soft and flexible format. Its unique construction provides designers with complete freedom to design smart garments with integrated stretch and durability using Bemis Sewfree® Bonding.

Circuitex is made by permanently bonding pure silver – nature’s most conductive element – to the surface of a textile fiber or fabric.  The bond creates a continuous layer of silver, yet retains the flexibility, comfort and durability of the textile material. Products using Circuitex can provide myriad data streams (ECG, EMG, strain, pressure mapping), as well as allowing for active power delivery (lighting, electro-muscle stimulation, basic power).

“About 95 percent of human interface to the world is through textiles,” said Joel Furey, Chief Commercial Officer, Noble Biomaterials. “The need to integrate technology into apparel is vital and our collaboration with Bemis will enable critical infrastructure components that will allow brands to deliver on the promise of truly connected apparel.”

“The key to success in the connected products space is strategic collaboration – and the teamwork between Bemis and Noble to deliver a simplified product and process is an expression of that cooperative mentality,” said Steve Howard, Chief Executive Officer, Bemis Worldwide.

Noble Biomaterials will be at ISPO, Hall C3 Booth 216, February 5-8 in Munich, Germany highlighting its X-STATIC®, XT2® and CIRCUITEX® flagship brands. Circuitex® Conductive Technology will be on display at ISPO Textrends as a Top 10 product in the Trims category.


About Noble Biomaterials, Inc.                                        

Noble Biomaterials, Inc. is a global leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications. The company produces advanced material technologies designed for mission critical applications in the performance apparel, healthcare, industrial, and emerging wearable technology markets. Its flagship brands, X-STATIC®, XT2® and CIRCUITEX are used by hundreds of world-class licensees to provide odor elimination, infection prevention/management, biometric monitoring and conductive benefits. Its headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Scranton, PA, with offices in Europe, Asia and South America.