Noble Biomaterials has the unique ability to both metallize fabrics and to weave fabrics to specifications depending on the application.

Metallized fabrics includes various kinds such as: non-woven, tricot, leno weave and ripstop. Full width fabrics (up to 54”) wide can be metalized by Noble. Applications include antimicrobial, heating, military etc. The ion release is sustained and even over a period of 28 days of continuous testing the efficacy of the technolgy did not diminish, which demonstrates the permanent benefits.

Woven fabrics can be literally designed in to any specification. It could be either in one direction or both, as 100% of fabric or 50% of the fabric with X-STATIC® technology. End use applications includes EMI shielding, heating and military products.


Typically short fibers, which are usually measure up to 0.5″ in length, are known as chopped fiber. Advantages of X-STATIC® chopped fiber include the versatility to blend with excellent dispersion in the finished product, as well as the ability to be easily incorporated into blowing foams. Standard sizes available for chopped fiber include 3dpf x 30 mils, 3 dpf x 20 mils and. 1.8 dpf x 200 mils



Noble manufactures metallized foam products for use in FDA approved medical devices.* The foam is produced with a universal 3-Dimensional coating of pure metallic silver, providing for optimal silver ion release, excellent reduction kinetics, long-term sustained performance, and true flexibility.

*Any public health claims are expressly limited to products regulated by the FDA.



Filament yarns are continuous filaments. They can be monofilament or multifilament. The denier range is also quite wide. We offer products, which essentially cover almost all of the commonly used deniers in everyday life. If one look around, the most common product used are textile based. Hence, it made sense to incorporate X-STATIC® technology in to textile based products.



Staple fibers are short fibers that are not continuous filaments, which are usually greater than 0.5″ and up to 6″ or 7″ in length representing various deniers. Some advantages of staple include the ability to be blended with other staple fibers, which are both natural and man-made such as cotton, wool, polyester, and acrylic. They also cover a very high surface area, which enables use of smaller amounts of the technology for a given application. And they can be handled as regular textile product—be opened, carded, and spun into yarn, as well as be relied on for durability, in terms of laundering without decrease in efficacy of the product application.

Noble Biomaterials is a bluesign® system partner.

Noble Biomaterials Products are OEKO-TEX® certified.

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